De la Tierre

We use an awarded Reposado Tequila as our base. This is a Highlands Tequila also know as from ‘Los Altos’. We also use pure maple syrup from the largest producer in the world, Citadelle Co-Operatives in Plessesville, Quebec, and pure cinnamon oil from Sri Lanka. While all ingredients are organic and gluten free we do not claim the ‘finished product’ as organic, as it is a lengthy process to receive official ‘organic’ designation in the US market. We have 2 names, Maple Liqueur Tequila in Canada, and Maple Cinnamon Liqueur in the US. This needed to be done for approval in each country for the trade name and ultimately to appease the Tequila Regulatory Council in Mexico (Mexican Federal Government). The Tequila Regulatory Council has complete control over the word ‘Tequila’ world wide under Appellations of Origin. This is the same reason it is called ‘Champagne’ in France and sparkling wine for all other countries.

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