NUDA Tequila

Nuda Tequila is a spirit whose founders reflect the original alliance of two cultures, Persian and Mexican, in the creation of the most iconic drink in Mexico. But how did we come to be? The story begins with the fermentation of the blue agave tequilana, a practice which dates back hundreds of years. More uniquely, the distillation process uses a still called "al-inbiq" which is an apparatus used for the distillation of agave tequilana weber blue variety (blue agave plant) which was invented by the Persian sage “Razi” around the tenth century of our era and introduced to Mexico by Pedro Sánchez de Tagle in the colonial period around 1700's, meant to produce the spirit drink which the native Mexicans referred to as the “Nectar of the Gods” now known as Tequila. The founders of NUDA Tequila did not invent the al-inbiq nor the fermentation process, but introduced the sensuality, sophistication and elegance of the Queen of Tequila. Softer, yet stronger in flavor and aromas of the cooked agave, introducing a new level of distinction to the Tequila spirit, without forgetting the inherited quality and precision our forefathers incorporated into every batch.

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