Single cask single malt scotch whisky bottled at natural cask strength and distilled at Strathmill Distillery. There are only 144 bottles released this year in the United States. World Whiskey society is proud to offer this fine example of the Distiller's art as a special selection from the oldest stocks of Whisky. No water is added to reduce its strength, as the angel's share has already taken care of that. No caramel coloring is added, so that you can see its pure and natural color. We have chosen to bottle this malt without chill-filtration in the traditional style which does not remove nose, proteins and important taste factors - again as we prefer the full, natural resonance of the original malt whiskey to come through in all its elements. As you can see on the label of this bottle, it is one of a very restricted offering, which when consumed, is unrepeatable.

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