Black Patch Distilling Co

Our Mission: Our passion is in the bottle, not on the label. Black Patch Distilling Company yearns to create a whiskey rebellion. We are the working-class whiskey. American Made, Combat-Veteran Owned. We promise to always present you with our best. Our Logo: The warfighter helmet is a testament to all the hard-working individuals who shape our world on a daily basis. Hard-work as defined by our first responders and military. The spears represent the attacking spirit to consistently pierce through new challenges and obstacles. The 22 stars in our standard which represent our home state of Alabama. Our Name: In 2008, Master Distiller Gary Cooper’s son Clayton was severely injured during a night raid. Clayton's Task Force Unit wore sterile uniforms and a single black patch. Gary choose to name his distillery, Black Patch Distilling Company in honor of his son’s service. The black patch defines us. It is not sexy or overly-dramatic...just pure, simple and hard-working.

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