Frankly Organic Vodka

Frankly Organic Vodka, an all-organic craft vodka from Austin, has launched five flavors to markets across Texas and Arizona. Frankly Organic Vodka is made from organic sweet corn and organic fruits, and roots and botanicals harvested from soils without the use of synthetic pesticides, the company says. It’s distilled five times and filtered twice in small batches. Frankly Organic Vodka lists its all ingredients on the label. The portfolio includes an original and four flavors, with the following company-provided tasting notes: Strawberry is slightly sweet with lemon, coconut water, wild cherry bark, and turmeric root; Apple is complex with ginger root and a kick of cayenne pepper; Grapefruit, is unique yet balanced crafted with ruby red grapefruits, ceylon cinnamon, and maca root; Pomegranate is slightly tart with lemon, ginger, turmeric, and maca root; and Lemon is complemented with basil.