Mandala Tequila

Tequila Mandala, was born with that weekend in mind, that vacation or just that moment surrounded by our family, friends, loved ones, and those good times. Tequila MANDALA, is that family circle, friends and loved ones that we spend the most wonderful moments of life, that circle, time or time where we have fun, relax, but mostly live. Tequila Mandala is the combination of our beautiful traditions, art and our Iconic pleasure Tequila. We decide to give life to Mandala, as unique and different, with traditions and art that distinguishes it, to enjoy it with that circle of family, friends or acquaintances at a good time, relaxing and allowing us to live experiences. Tequila Mandala, are those good times we had in life. Because life is made of moments, do not wait for them to pass, enjoy those moments.

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