Mascota Tequila

THE LITTLE TEQUILA BRAND THAT HAS CAPTURED THE HEARTS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD! “Mascota Tequila, aka The Doggy Tequila™ is a one-of-a-kind brand that was specifically created to help raise awareness for pet adoption and money to help save the lives of rescue and sheltered animals. From the ultra-premium liquid, to the unique handmade and hand decorated porcelain bulldog decanter, Mascota Tequila is a brand like no other! For every bottle purchased, Mascota Tequila donates a portion of net profits to animal shelters and rescue, bringing “HOPE” to animals in need. As all animals deserve to have a home, even our little Mascota Tequila Pups arrive with their very own doghouse! From the bottom of my heart, I along with fur babies everywhere in need, thank you for your love and support! Again, thank you!" -Victoria Araceli Vann, Founder

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