Upstate Vodka

Sauvage started in 2017 as a small cidery in Upstate, NY with a mission to support local apple farms and to produce premium local products. In 2018, Ken and Kyle Wortz joined the Sauvage team and developed a new apple-based vodka in a small 300 sqft. room with a 150g single column still. The vodka would be called Upstate Vodka after the Region from where it's produced. In 2020, we had to expand our production to fulfill a lot of pre-orders and Sauvage acquired the Kymar Farm Winery and Distillery and expanded its operations. During that time a pandemic started and Sauvage and Kymar partnered up to produce free hand sanitizers for local municipality such as, fire departments, police stations and hospitals. At that time Stranger & Stranger was hired to redesign the label and highlight the craft nature of the product. Today Upstate Vodka is avilable in NY, NJ, CT, FL, IL and soon to be in Texas!

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