Safi Artisanal Vodka

Safi Artisanal Vodka is the first expression offered by the Pour Libations brewstillery. My fascination with distilling spirits came after watching a Vice video on the production of brandy from bananas call Waragi. As a chemist I said I can do that. After doing research and finding out home distillation is illegal. I quickly pivoted to making beer and wine. After fermenting numerous batches for friends and family I formulated to idea for “Pour Your Heart Out” Winery/Brewery/Distillery. The name was shortened to Pour Libations. “Pour” represents putting the best in each bottle. “Libations” is a humble offering to each customer as a thanks for choosing us. Safi’s only source of fermentable sugar is from sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes were chosen because as a child I spend many days on a farm picking sweet potatoes and other produce. Sweet potatoes have a very low starch/sugar content compared to traditional grains. Combine with the fact that the potatoes must be ground to extract the maximum sugar make one appreciate the amount of work that went into each bottle. The word Safi means “pure” in Swahili. I chose this word because of its simplicity and my intent to produce a spirit that is what it claims to be. Safi does not contain any post-distillation additives to mask off-flavors. Safi also is not distilled and filtered to death. Using great fermentation techniques, is the secret to great spirits in my opinion.

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