Sexto Tequila

Young and bright for a perfect night! Sexto tequila is distilled and bottled in Mexico, from the finest blue agaves grown on the estate where it is created. One whiff takes you to a wondrous blend of aromas that characterize the mysteries of true agave. You know that real parties need real tequila. When the time is special, you can count on the joy of Sexto. Tequila Sexto brings forth the magic and romance of the night, when our days are done and we find the time to enjoy our thoughts and the people that we love. The fact is that Sexto Tequila was engendered at night. Why? Because tequila is made with the sweet nectar of blue agave plants, which evolved to pollinate only at night. Nighttime is when blue agave plants party! Sexto Tequila is distilled and bottled exclusively in Mexico, in the land of the blue agave, and a land of happiness and good times. Every drop of Sexto Tequila brings Mexico to you and to those that you love. So tonight, break out happiness and joy with Sexto Tequila. It’s Sexto Night!

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