Tentador Tequila

Tentador is THE new ultra-premium tequila available in Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Rosa Reposado. While each profile offers unrivalled taste and aroma, Tentador's unique patent pending Rosa Reposado is uniquely made utilizing a floral essence rather than wine barrel aging, resulting in the best tasting, smoothest tequila available. "Tentador" means "tempting," "enticing," "seductive." Accordingly, Tentador Tequila's branding is a metaphor for the "Original Sin." Tentador Tequila is known as "El Mejor Tequila del Mundo"-- the world's finest tequila. Tentador is offered in both 750ml and 1L UPCs to facilitate on and off premise sales. Each profile is packaged in bespoke, distinctive painted bottles, with Tentador's Rosa Reposado bottles also featuring original floral artwork. Tentador represents the "sexy" enticing premium tequila with planned marketing campaigns reminiscent of 1980s and 1990s sensuality, and premium media content generated from professional modelling agency photoshoots. Tentador further aligns its premium tequila branding through its professional motorsports team racing factory McLaren racecars across many of the world's most notable circuits, all of which are fully wrapped with the Tentador Tequila brand as are at least two other McLarens, which will be available for launch events. To further facilitate market introduction, Tentador has over $200,000 of merch available for immediate distribution to further facilitate product launch.

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