Alpengold: Cream Royale

by Alpengold Edelbrand
  • SKU: AFT07
  • Type: Liqueur
  • Producer: Austrian Farms of Texas LLC
  • In: Luling, TX, United States
  • 15% ABV, 30 Proof
  • Size: 750mL
  • 12/case
  • UPC Code: 852721008069
  • Case Weight: 35.19 lbs (~2.93 lbs each)
  • TABC Classification: Distilled Spirits

Product Description

European conquerors discovered in today's Brazil a drink, which they enhanced with rum and cane sugar. Brought back in the 17th century Dutch, Austrians and Germans made it from fresh eggs, brandy, sugar and vanilla and called it "Eierlikoer" (egg liqueur). Neat as aperitif or degistif, over desserts such as ice cream, custards or pastries it's almost sinful! Made in small batches from egg yolks and real cream according to a centuries old recipe for the first time in the US! Alpengold Cream Royale - Heaven in a glass!