NV36 Premium Whiskey

by Comstock Distillers NV36 Whiskey
  • SKU: COM01
  • Type: Whiskey
  • Producer: Comstock Distillers LLC
  • In: Reno, NV, United States
  • 40% ABV, 80 Proof
  • Size: 750mL
  • 6/case
  • UPC Code: 051497176150
  • Case UPC: 051497176167
  • Case Weight: 30 lbs (~5 lbs each)
  • Case Dimensions: 11"W x 8"L x 9.5"H
  • TABC Classification: Distilled Spirits

Product Description

NV 36 is a blended 6–7-year-old Whiskey that is aged in Reno Nevada, the driest state in the nation. Barrels are acclimated to the extreme dry heat and chilly snowy winters. Once the whiskey has matured to its age and the taste desired, then it is proofed down using the fresh waters supplied by the famous Lake Tahoe. This smooth Sippin Whiskey celebrates Nevada’s heritage with its name NV 36 after the the United States admittance as the 36th states entrance into the Union. A delightful blend of aged Whiskey and Bourbon in Honor of the Great Battle Born State of Nevada.