POL Arrack Coconut Liqueur

by Pol Arrack
  • SKU: DCSL04
  • Type: Liqueur
  • Producer: DCSL of Sri Lanka
  • In: Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
  • 23% ABV, 46 Proof
  • Size: 750mL
  • 12/case
  • UPC Code: 4792077450012
  • Case Weight: 35 lbs (~2.92 lbs each)
  • Case Dimensions: 10"W x 13"L x 13"H
  • TABC Classification: Distilled Spirits

Product Description

An exquisite, authentic and robust coconut liqueur made from pure coconut arrack, sugar and natural vanilla extract to meet the highest standards of the connoisseurs of coconut liqueurs. A 100% natural product manufactured to exacting standards and satisfy the palate with enhanced flavor. - Taste and enjoy!

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