Justice Label: Papaw's Apple Pie Moonshine

by Justice Label
  • SKU: JLL03
  • Type: Moonshine
  • Producer: Justice Label
  • In: Corpus Christi, TX, United States
  • 37.5% ABV, 75 Proof
  • Size: 750mL
  • 12/case
  • UPC Code: 122176176027
  • Case Weight: 18.5 lbs (~1.54 lbs each)
  • Case Dimensions: 10.75"W x 14"L x 7.5"H
  • TABC Classification: Distilled Spirits

Product Description

Homemade apple pie taste with a kick. Papaw could make a mean apple pie; this one bites back with a baked apple flavor and notes of cinnamon in every sip. This is the perfect shine for those winter days or early mornings in the hunting blind or fishing trip, we like to take it camping ourselves. Papaw enjoys it any old time the family gets together and it tastes even better with some sweet tea.

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